We have been delivering music lessons and live performances in Bath for over 10 years.

Music Workshop Bath began in a small teaching room in the famous Sounds International music shop in Bath, with Kim delivering drum lessons to a small but ever growing handful of students. We put our first performance on at The Egg Theatre in Bath, with an ambition to grow and improve both learning and performing opportunities for students and musicians in the local area.

We believe that learning an instrument is only one facet of being a musician, we believe music and it’s exponents have to power to brace the past and shape the future. Our work with various local organisations and other charities as well as being joined by other enthusiastic tutors, allowed us to move into our current facilities under Green Park Station in 2013, which we converted ourselves into purpose-built music teaching studios.

We see ourselves as a microcosm of the journey all of us are on, a never ending quest to enhance our own skills, increase the number of people we get to share music with, and to harness the power of music to create a better and more communal society. It’s why we place as much importance on people as we do on the music we create, and as much emphasis on expression, as we do on ability.