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Music Workshop is a charitable organisation of co-operating music teachers who combine their skills and resources to offer teaching and performance opportunities to children and students who are learning to play a musical instrument.

We teach from our own studios and also offer school services.


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Any person in the U.K. can set up as a private music teacher and advertise for clients. 

This often leads to considerable inconsistencies and lack of continuity for student as teachers are often gigging musicians who dip in and out of teaching around their professional engagements. 

The methods of teaching are often variable and the nature of the isolation as an independent makes it difficult to provide opportunities for students to perform in events. 

Music Workshop is a charitable organisation that changes that approach.

We all have qualifications in our relevant instruments and most importantly we have a passion for teaching.

We are commited to our students long term learning by delivering fun, inspiring and creative lessons on a regular basis.




Currently we operate in three areas.


To date we have direct teaching influence over 800 students and continue to gather momentum with our holistic approach to tuition.


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