Student Scholarship Programme

The most direct way of supporting us is by making a donation. We carefully monitor all of our operations to make sure that all donations go straight to our projects and their beneficiaries

Student Scholarship Programme Fundraising

We are looking for people who share our passion for music and believe that the power it has in aiding and shaping peoples lives should be supported from the outset.


We teach around 100 students from all walks of life and most are fortunate to receive financial backing from their parents. Unfortunately, we are acutely aware that with increasing financial restraints put on schools and parents themselves, there are many talented children that are unable to have musical tuition.


We have a record of helping students ourselves with free lessons and performance opportunities but there is a limit to how much we can achieve without additional funding.


This is where we are hoping that the opportunity to ‘sponsor our student scholarship’ scheme may be of interest to you? Full or part donations of any amount are gratefully received.


We are hoping to make 6 scholarship places available for the 6 instrument groups we currently teach. There will be 3 levels of scholarship available :


Bronze - £ 585 - This will cover One years worth of one on one weekly term time tuition with one of our specialist trained instrumental teachers as well as participation in a live performance with professional musicians. They will also be given a video of their performance to use as audition material.


Silver - £835 - This will cover the same level of tuition as the Bronze sponsorship but most importantly an instrument will be purchased and given to them to keep for the duration of their studies.


Gold - £1000 -This will cover the same level of tuition as the Silver sponsorship with an instrument purchase. Additionally, it will also include them being entered for an internationally recognised Trinity College London qualification in their chosen instrument. They will also have a professional video recorded of a solo performance of their piece to use as an audition for higher education or live music work.


If you wish to sponsor a full scholarship or donate any other amount please email us on or you can use the link below for part donations. 


Student Scholarship Donation

All money (minus the 3% PayPal fee) will go directly to Music Workshop and will be used solely for the purpose intended.

Sponsorships Available

How to Donate 


There are a variety of ways of making donations.

By regular direct debit
One-off annual contributions
Project-specific donation
Tax-free giving

Call our fundraising department on 01400 251144 or contact us to find out more about how to make your payments or the tax benefits of giving to charity.

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