Our New Look


We've got a new look for 2019 and we have loved the journey we've been on to get it.


We wanted to refresh our old look and have something that reflected what Music Workshop, Bath has become over the last decade.

We worked with our friend Charley at MAP Design Studio as he knew about our story. He gathered people connected with us and ran a workshop to help us solidify what our brand was and guide us through the re-branding process.

As we're not the best at tooting our own trumpet, it was a great experience hearing other peoples views on what seems to have made us that little bit different and having Charley put those thoughts, ideas, and future dreams into something tangible we can be proud of.

This can all be seen on our shiny new website which has been set up for us by the magnificent folks at MAP Design Studio and will be updated with new events and content to aid your learning in the coming months. We look forward to continuing this journey with you all.

Big Love

Team MUW