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Cracking The Code’ is one of the great joys of teaching.

Every student learns differently, expresses themselves differently, and progresses in their own way. Learning how to understand the individual, and how to help them learn and retain that learning in a way that engages them and celebrates their uniqueness, is the fundamental challenge we relish. By placing fun and creativity at the centre of every lesson, and exploring students own interests as well as inspiring new ones, we believe that participation in music benefits the social, cultural, personal, and spiritual development of every student. And every listener too. We believe music and the arts are the greatest influence there is, encouraging more compassionate, confident, and creative minds, as well as actually leading to improved attainment across the entire academic spectrum. Most importantly, it will also put a smile on your face!

We are here to aid any musician through any part of their adventure, with a syllabus that we shape around the students needs in order to gain qualifications and the fundamental skills necessary to take the next steps, whatever they may be. Maybe you would just like to learn that song you’ve always wished you wrote, or become a part of a musical menagerie produced by and for your local community. Wherever you dream of going, Music Workshop can help you get there.


 Gain Qualifications


Should you want to pursue academic qualifications in your instrument we offer Grade Examinations with the following exam boards, to ensure we are able to find the right path for you.

We encourage a creative approach to examinations and ensure that the experience remains fun and engaging. We are also a registered exam centre for Trinity College London & Rockschool so you don’t even need to travel anywhere to sit these exams.




Technology has the power to enhance our learning and we embrace it.

After each lesson you will receive an email detailing what you have learnt and any additional notes you may need to enhance your practice. 

You also have your own student portal which allows you to login and see all your previous lesson notes, sheet music and future lesson times as well as access to additional online resources to aid your learning, so no more lost resources or ‘my dog ate my sheet music’ 

2019 will also see the introduction of ‘video lessons’ into our existing lesson format. Each studio will be set up to record, in HD, the key things you have learnt in that lesson. This video will then be sent to you at the end of the session to aid your learning in the time leading up to your next lesson.

We also offer personalised video lessons for when you are unable to make it to your regular lesson to ensure you don’t miss out.


 Child Safety


All of our teachers hold an Enhanced DBS Check (Formerly CRB) Music Workshop and all tutors follow our Child Protection Policy.