There’s a myriad of ways to enjoy music and share it.

We offer an ever broadening range of musical experiences, from large-scale themed concerts, with hundreds of students taking to the stage; to online content creation and group workshops. It’s a wonderful thing learning music, and opportunities to get creative or work with other musicians can be magical.

There are several performance opportunities throughout the year, working with professional artists and staging techniques. We believe in a well-rounded musical education, trying to incorporate as many professional elements of the contemporary music industry as possible.


 Up and coming events


Spa Sessions

Date: November 2019 (TBC)
Time: TBC
Location: Bath Spa Television Studios


MUW Fest 

Date: February 2020
Time: TBC
Location: Bath Spa University Theatre


Art of the Muses

Date: June 2020
Time: TBC
Location: Burdell’s Yard, Bath


Past Events


A Night at the Muwvies 2

March 2019


A Night at the Muwvies

March 2018


Art of the Muses 2

November 2017

Drum Clinic by Mike Johnston

October 2018


We were very proud to host a drum clinic by Mike Johnston. Constantly inspiring and a leading figure in drum education, Mike kept a promise to Kim and came over to the UK to teach us about many of the musical aspects that have shaped his education and playing in recent years.

It was a sold-out event at the Egg Theatre and left everyone who attended inspired and motivated to get on the kit. Handing a performance opportunity to 3 of our students made the evening even more special. With a promise to come and see us again in the future, subscribe to our mailing list if you want to be first in line for tickets.