Bass, Guitar


An exceptional guitarist, bassist, theorist, Kung - Fu black belt, Musical Director, and armed with a qualification in cheese... We’re still waiting to see if there is anything Dan can’t do!

Dan joined Music Workshop some 5 years ago, and has become an integral cornerstone of not only what we do, but who we are. His patience, dedication, and creativity are an influence to all of us. With over 20 years playing and gigging, Dan first ventured into teaching through The Academy of Music and Sound in Swindon, going on to become a registered tutor for RGT. Dan has been asked to teach at Bath University, and has assisted in running BTEC level 3 music classes. Oh, and he plays drums in local Samba tornado Jamma de Samba…

Always looking to learn, explore and grow, he passes this ethic to his peers and students, his ear and adaptability to almost any genre and style, his musicality, compositions and comprehension are just a few more of the seemingly endless list of his talents… But what makes Dan a truly special tutor and human being is his humility, for he’ll much sooner call his achievements hard work before calling them talent.

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