Buddy Carson



Buddy is part of the unseen glue that binds us all together. A vocalist who learned his craft singing and performing spoken word across the festival circuit.

He then honed his skills studying the required techniques to further enhance his singing abilities. A passion for teaching and an understanding of the challenges people can face in life, led him to design a program working with educators and the probation service for ex-offenders and disengaged youths to engage and provide vocation and ambition. His flair for creative writing and the written word has led to songwriting and poetry workshops throughout educational establishments and beyond. His abundance of knowledge in this area has led to nearly every word on this site being written by him, except for this part, as well as being a creative juggernaut for our live shows.

Currently studying towards a CME and Grade 8 vocals, Buddy is an incredible performer and teacher who, somehow, is able to coax every ounce of confidence and self-belief out of the people he works with. 

Very much like a golden retriever, he does it with nothing but love and willingness. So if you’re looking for someone that can jolt your creative spark, or bring out the performer in you, look no further.

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